What we believe

We believe that play should not be a crime and that children need facilities that encourage them to be creative and use their imaginations.  The facilities also need to present a small amount of risk to help them develop their cognitive skills but also help them develop a sense of achievement and recognise their own abilities.

The space also needs to encourage groups of children of all ages to play together and encourage parents and carers to engage and play with their children.


We also feel it is important to form a link between the natural environment and play.  We there fore have drawn up some simple rules on how we aim to develop the park:

  • Trustees must ensure future development of the park area is in keeping with the original design of the park by:
    • Where possible using natural material
    • Additions are to stimulate imaginative play
    • Encourage group usage not single use
    • To be accessible to a wide range of age groups and physical abilities.

We also try to keep in touch with what the community wants for this space.  In 2009 we carried out a survey of park users and have used the results to help prioritise our work.  We also receive feedback through direct e-mails and listening to feedback at our community events.

We also believe that play is not just a summer activity and the park is for all seasons.