Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't there any traditional swings in the park?

This park was designed to stimulate childrens imagination and not to facilitate the traditional approach to parks. Traditional swings can be found in the parks at Baileys Court Activity Centre and Little Stoke park.

How can I start a friends group for my local park?

Please e-mail us and we will try to give you as much information and advice as we can.

Why is there nothing for teenagers?

A project is under way to design and fund an area for teenagers. Please see our projects page for the plans and details on fundraising.

Where is the park?

Its at the oposite end of Savages Wood Road to the Leisure Centre, next to the Jubilee Centre. See the "How to find the park" section on the right hand side of this web site.

I have lost some property in the park!

All lost property is kept by the caretakers in the office of the Jubilee Centre for two weeks. If it is not claimed they will then donate it to charity or destroy it. If you find any lost property please hand it in to a caretaker.