On a sunny evening in the park in 2010 the trustees met to discuss project ideas, these formed a basis of a public consultation and the 'Brass' rubbing project was born.

The idea is to produce A5 'brass' plates to hide in the park for younger members of the community to find and create art work from. It is also hoped that they will then progress to producing rubbings of leaves, wood, bark and any other surfaces in the park.  This will encourage exploration of the natural world and incorporate art into outdoor play.

We also thought it would be a great opportunity to involve the youth of Bradley Stoke in designing something for the younger members of the community.  Their design brief will be 'native wildlife' and they can produce it in any artistic style they like.  Not only will they be involved with the design of the plates but they will be taught metal work skills in a workshop with artists Thrussell and Thrussell to produce the plates themselves.

The plates were designed and made by students at Bradley Stoke Community School in July 2013.  Thrussell and Thrussell have taken the plates back to their forge on Bodmin Moor to set them in a steel frame and mount them securely into wooden posts.  We are aiming for the plates to be installed in the park during the summer holidays.

Funding has been secured from:

Safer Stonger Communities Initative Fund


The Co-Operative members fund


Balfour Beatty