Art Enrichment Project

Members of FOJG met in the park in the summer 2010 and we discussed what we enjoyed in our childhood and what we felt the community may like added to the park.

From this meeting we formulated several ideas and have put together a project proposal that we used to carry out a community consultation in 2010.  We recived realy positive feedback and collate ideas from the community.

The additions we would like to add are:

  • Community Mosaic Mural.  The mural will be made out of swimming pool tiles and we are proposing a community group design and makes the mural.
  • Wooden carvings and sculptures.  We propose carving th bridges in the park into native animals and adding a game spinner instructing children to hop like a rabbit to rabbit bridge e.t.c.  We would also like to add some wooden bugs crawling out of the beds and flying sculptures as well as a wooden hopping frog game to a wall of the park.
  • Archaeology in the park. We would like to bury a dinosaur skeleton into the sand in the main sandpit for everyone to excavate.
  • Music and Shade.  We would like to add shade canopies over the small sand pit and in a part of the large sand pit.  We would also like to add a wooden rain maker.

Fundraising update:

'Brass' Rubbing Plates:

The fundraising is complete for this project.  We have recived funding from Safer Stronger Communities Initative Funding and Co-Operative members fund.  We will be delivering this project in 2013.


Wood Carving and Sculpures:

The costing for this has been included in the grant application for the Youth Structure.