Enablement Project

This project is complete we raised £990 to enable a South Glos Council Landscape Architect to professionally plan and cost three of our proposed projects:

  • Developing of the pond. To make it safe and accessible for the community to explore and to enable it to sustain wildlife all year round.
  • Willow tunnel 'fence'.  We are proposing adding a willow tunnel around the perimeter of the park that will also have a willow den in it.  The aim is to have the structure as an additional piece of natural play 'equipment' but it will also be a barrier to free running dogs.  Under this project we also propose adding dog grids to the paths into the park and banning dogs from the area.
  • Community Garden. We are proposing adding a raised bed to the original orchard area of the green and finding local members of the community or community groups to adopt an area of the bed.  We would also like to add picnic benches to this area.

Without professional planning and costing we will not be able to secure the funding needed to deliver these projects.

Fundraising update

We have managed to secure all the funding for this project. Details of grant providers can be found on our supporters page.

Design Update

We have received the final design plans for the park.  We are now breaking the plans down into manageable projects that we can apply for funding to deliver.  The first project we will be fundraising for is the pond.