One of the outcomes of the Enablement Project was to produce the plans to develop the pond.  Due to the logistics of the heavy machinery needed and the small seasonal development window we have chosen this as our fist project to tackle.We are exited by these plans, we took feedback from the community and coupled with our enthusiasm the Landscape Architect has designed a pond that will:

  • Sustain Wildlife all year round
  • Provide a safe beach area to pond dip and maintain the pond
  • A bridge to the 'island' allowing easier access
  • Part clearance of the 'island' to allow safe exploration

The pond will need to be partly excavated to stop it from draining into the swales surrounding the park with detrimental effects on water levels within the pond.  The plans do include saving the yellow Iris that is currently in the pond and re-planting it.


Project Progress

We have identified a grant to apply to and have invited contractors to provide quotes.  We need three quotes to be able to complete our application for grant funding.