The concept of the park

The park was designed by Alison Brown Landscape Architect at South Glos Council.  The design is a deliberate move away from the traditional metal climbing structures with rubber mat floors, we are becoming a more risk adverse society and this is reflected in our children's play facilities.

Recent research has shown that children need facilities to test their capabilities and stimulate their imagination.  We need to return to the kind of play we did as children to help our children's physical, mental and cognitive skill development.  More information on this approach to play is available on South Glos Council website and Play England

This park has been specifically designed to:

  • be made out of natural material where possible
  • have high vantage points
  • have equipment that encourages group play
  • have physical challenges with low risk:
    • Stepping Stones in the moat
    • Climbing pole
    • Steep Banks
    • Walls to walk on
  • moats to splash about in or poke sticks to explore what's in them
  • facilitate play for children of all ages
  • have a space for adult exercise to encourage wider community use
  • space for teenagers to meet and socialise
  • have a natural sound barrier to minimise impact on local residents

Your children may get wet or dirty, but the question to ask yourself is have they had fun? As this park is designed to facilitate play for children of all ages you we need to supervise your children, but as the equipment is also designed to hold an adult why not play with your children and have a go!

Stepping Stones Small

This is the only park in Bradley Stoke that aims to be inclusive for children of all ages.  If you are looking for more traditional play equipment why not visit one of Bradley Stokes 6 traditional parks they are located in; Baileys Court, Brook Way Activity Centre, Paddock Close, Rosemary Close, Champs sur Marne and Fennel Drive.  More detailed information is available on the Journals website and Bradley Stoke Matters website.