News from the park

Our next event

Join us on Jubilee Green on Friday 3rd June where we will be in the park for the preschool picnic.

Our appologies

Our website was hacked and has been down for quite some time.  Our web guru has managed to squeeze us in and has bought the website back up.  We willbe updating the content shortly.

Park Toilets

There is a park toilet available when the Jubilee Centre is open.  To access it from the park you will need to walk around the tennis court through the gate between the tennis courts and the back of the council office, the entrance to the tennis court is on the left and the loo is on the right.

Facebook page

You can now follow us on Facebook.  We will be sharing news, details about our events and play ideas on our page.  Follow us and keep up to date!

Friends Needed

Can you spare some time?

Friends of Jubilee Green is a charity ran by passionate volunteers. We need more members so the charity can achieve more for the community.

If you feel you can spare some time please have a chat with us at our next event or meeting or contact us by e-mail;enquire.friendsofjubileegreen@hotmail.co.uk